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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Well hello there, abandoned blog. I've lost track of all the things I've intended to post about here, but among them are:

  • Trip to California last weekend
  • My sister's visit the week before that
  • Trip to Hawaii before that
  • The garden! (/squirrel salad bar)
  • M's wedding (on a BOAT)
  • And even my new pillow shams
So. Here are a few of the California pictures!
Throwing pottery on the back porch

The brothers relaxing

Siblings in the back seat

El Burrito!

David & me at graduation

Becca at graduation

The siblings after graduation

Martin in his dashing ascot
The graduates
Becca and Hoosteen graduated from dental school, and it was very inspiring. Very inspiring to finish my own doctorate, that is, and to have my family come for a big party! It's time to get this dissertation done.


David said...

That was a great trip! Awesome times were had by all.

m said...

man, i miss california! also, i cannot get over how much you (fun) travel!

Mumsie said...

There are several devoted family members who are waiting for the go ahead to book tickets for Minneapolis. We'll even stay in a hotel so you don't have to sleep on the futon! I don't know if we party as well as the Flaiz family, but according to Joel we're the family that knows how to have fun. Add a cake and a long-awaited graduation and I'd call that a party.

BrianV said...

Man, California is quite the place. So many things to love (Big Sur, Yosemite, San Francisco, Redwoods) and so many things to hate (Los Angeles, the entire San Joaquin Valley, suburban sprawl, the superficial culture).

Either way, I was born there and while I love to call the northwest my home, I've enjoyed many a trip back.

Glad to see you guys had fun. good luck with the dissertation!

CëRïSë said...

Mandy, it has been a year of (fun) travel, for sure. Of course, you far outstrip me in miles--even if it is for work.

Mumsie, I will keep you posted!

Brian, I too was born in California, call the NW home, and thoroughly enjoy going back to visit!

And David, every trip is better when it's with you (awwwwwwwww).