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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Phone Dump

So today was the brunch for our carni-/omnivorous friends, who just returned from Ecuador and whose kitties we had been watching in their absence. They showed us photos from Ecuador, and we showed them photos of their kitties!

We had my mom's baked eggs, rosemary roasted potatoes à la David, blueberry muffins, pineapple mimosas, coffee, and fresh fruit. Smashing!

As I was pulling kitty photos off my phone to show here, I found some others.

This is a Fruit Loops-infused panna cotta David and I had at Bryant Lake Bowl last May, complete with a Fruit Loops cookie and raspberry sauce. It was actually kind of amazing.
Downtown on a glorious May day:
Biking on the Greenway in June:"Trogdor Sez..." at the Bryant Lake Dunn Bros:
Giant PEAS! (Wow!)
Stop sign at my old corner, December:
Corner of 26th and Stevens, December:
Welcome sign to our new neighborhood, February:
View from the plane back from Indianapolis,* March:
Epic amounts of accumulated snow in our new backyard, 2/22. It stayed (most of it, anyway) until about three weeks ago. Now it's all gone!
The Greenway, early January.
I include this photo just by way of mentioning that four weeks ago, while there was still snow (though not this much), I was walking across the Greenway on a bridge like those shown when I pulled my phone out to check the time. I was on my way to yoga, and dropped the phone back into the pocket of my fleece as I hurried onward to the studio. Only, when I patted my pocket, the phone wasn't there. When I looked behind me on the bridge, the phone wasn't there. When I looked over the bridge, down onto the Greenway, I finally saw my phone--submerged in a semi-frozen puddle far below.

I contemplated leaving it for dead, or at least for later. Realizing, however, that such would certainly seal its fate--and that it would be far more difficult to locate an hour and a half later, when the sun would have set [should the cell miraculously not have permanently expired during class]--I decided to slide down the icy bank to retrieve it. I waded into the large and icy puddle and laughed as I slipped back up the bank and continued on to class. (I had slipped and fallen down the bank and was rather wet, but figured that as it was a class I always leave soaked in sweat and condensation anyway, it wouldn't much matter.)

The phone was flickering ominously when I pulled it out, and I tried vainly to turn it off using the button before I finally wised up and pulled out the battery. I stashed phone and battery in (securely zipped) separate pockets, and let them dry until morning. In the morning, the phone worked, though it did give me a brief scare when the display suddenly stopped working. However, full function returned after further drying and a hard reset, and it continues--almost unbelievably after its 2.5 year tenure--to work as well as ever (by which I mean it still tends to reset its own ringer volume, make calls and try to access the Internet from my pocket, and generally drive me crazy). The screen was slightly fogged for several days, but even that has disappeared, leaving no trace of its misadventures.

I'm glad it survived.

*Did I ever mention that trip here? I don't think I did. My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last month, and I was able to use a miles flight to join them, my aunt and uncle, my cousin and her husband, and my dad, who had flown from the Northwest for the occasion.

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