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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Today we set a daily temperature record here in the Twin Cities, after narrowly missing one yesterday with a high of 97°. Yesterday, they were only predicting that today would be 97°, though both days prompted "Excessive Heat Warnings," a phrase that for some reason makes me giggle. Really, when you live in a place that has seven months of winter, can any weather phenomenon really be labeled "excessive"?

David informs me that, incredibly, the Twin Cities was the hottest place in the nation today--the only location with triple-digit temperatures. Apparently we ultimately hit 103°, the hottest day on record here in 23 years.

Thankfully, David recently purchased a portable air conditioning unit the size of a dorm fridge. Recently it's been earning its keep.


Adrianna said...

Oh my! And to think I nearly got heatstroke on Saturday when it was 85° here! :) What strange weather we seem to be having...

jadogge (funny word verification)

m said...

so... do you think you will be staying in minnesota after you finish school? :)


strovska said...

wow, that's really impressive. i've been unhappy but not surprised at our recent 3-digit temperatures, but having that in minnesota is a completely different thing.


BrianV said...

I'm sweating just reading about it. Thank God for those AC units. Liesl and I have two for our tiny little house. They're such a pain, and quite ugly, but on a hot day, its the only way to survive. When the sun hits the west side of the building in the afternoon, our house gets hotter than it is outside. It might as well be a greenhouse. But its not. Its gray.

CëRïSë said...

Adrianna, strange indeed!

Mandy, the plan is to head back to the NW where the family is, but at the moment I'm just trying to finish at all!

Strovska, I suppose it is a different thing... but compared to your usual summer weather, I obviously should not be complaining at all!

And Brian, I completely feel you on the indoors being hotter than the outdoors; we usually hit that point about the time the sun goes down, and it's miserable. I definitely prefer living on the second floor--but it's also quite a bit hotter.

Leah said...

Ugh. I can imagine...I had no AC in Illinois for several years. The upper midwest can get surprisingly hot and humid.

Our AC was out for a week or so here in Louisiana. It wasn't too bad, because it was still early May and the highs were only in the high 80s. I think I'd croak if the AC went out now.

CëRïSë said...

Leah, yeah--a/c is definitely much more of a staple in BR than in Mpls! It's nice to have it when we need it here--and nice that we don't need it all that often.