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Monday, October 29, 2007

Dressin' up

This weekend was a friend's Halloween party, and another friend just sent me pictures. I was a fairy again, which is a bit boring, but nice and easy. Plus, this time I convinced a friend to dress up with me, so we were the Good Fairy and the Bad Fairy. She even picked up wings and a wand for me! (The wings I made back in Ohio were a casualty of the move here.)

I was all excited about how the silver made me look sort of tan and how my arms were still toned from all that running, until I saw her arms. She does karate and kick boxing and this crazy Russian kettlebells thing, and she has pretty much the best arms I've ever seen on a chick. I'm consistently jealous.

Another friend had the best costume, though; she went as Orlan, the subject of my Master's thesis. Awesome. (The shadows in this photo make my hair look poofier than it actually is, but I still think this is evidence that it's really time to cut it short!)

Second best was probably Ed. We gave gave him a ride, and when he got in the car, he was carrying this box. "What's in the box, Ed?" we asked. "It's a prop," he answered. There were slits cut in it, and I said, "Is it alive? Is it a raven? Are you Poe?" He would only respond that we'd see soon enough. When we arrived at the party, we fairies put on our wings, and Ed put on his box. The results are above. Has everyone seen this SNL video, or is it only ubiquitous in my department? We art historians can have a good time, all right.


I Hope So said...

dick in a box! that's fantastic! i can't believe that's the only one i've seen for halloween this year... that was clever.

and you look so precious as a fairy!

strovska said...

i just had to leave a comment because the word verification is "oozvox".

i could say also that it's nice to see actual cute/original costumes as opposed to Hooker Nurse or Hooker Pirate or Hooker {Fill in the Blank} (i read someone refer to halloween as "slutoween" the other day). but if i started mentioning that i've have to start ranting....

Ellen said...

Oh Ceri, I think everyone has seen "Dick-in-a-Box."

Curly Sue said...

Hey, *I* haven't seen "Dick in a box"...I'm so oblivious to everything, though.