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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Of late...

Thursday night I celebrated the completion of my thesis in proper style, with a lecture by its subject, Orlan. I'd only become aware of the lecture on Tuesday evening, when a friend sent the following e-mail to the grad student listserve with the subject "ORLAN IN ANN ARBOR!":

Orlan is speaking at the Mich. Theatre at Univ of Michigan @ 5
PM on Thu!

CëRï, you have to go!
Call off whatever you're doing!
Fortuitously enough, I wasn't actually doing anything, and two fellow grads, one studio and one art history, were able to make the northward trek with me.

After the lecture, I shook Orlan's hand, told her I'd written my thesis on her, and received in return her card, should I desire to send her said paper (I may). Following that, the other grads and I ate fabulous Indian food: I ordered soup and an entree, and a mango lassi, the leftovers of which provided another meal.

Today I picked Monica up before the crack of dawn (3:30 a.m., before the DST adjust- ment) to make the three-hour drive down to Ohio University for the Athens Half Marathon. Due to a slight detour, we arrived approximately 20 minutes before start time (9:00 a.m.), and miraculously were able to register, park, and make it to the finish line with nearly two minutes to spare. We finished (me keeping Monica's slow, but steady, pace) in just under 2'30".

Then we went for (yes) a little hike. Monica convinced me that we couldn't possibly leave without me seeing the Hocking Hills State Park and Old Man's Cave, since it was right on our way. I had to admit, as I limped along the trails (if the public demands it, I can show you a picture of my toe--otherwise, you can only imagine) that it was indeed impressive; I had no idea anything like that existed in Ohio. There was even warm-tree smell, which brought back all sorts of happy Northwestern memories.

In addition to the half marathon and the Hocking Hills Park, my other firsts today included Cliff Shot Bloks (courtesy of Bryant and a bit strange) and a McDonald's and Dairy Queen with smoking sections.

Plenty of fodder for the dreams I am likely too tired to have.


Hathor said...

Yummy, Indian food; I'm salivating just thinking about it. So are you going to go to your graduation this time? or is grad school grad not a big thing?

I'm very glad to see you blogging again. I missed reading the latest on your life while you were out driving across half the U.S. and, it sounds like, running just about half of it as well. = )

bryant said...

I hope you liked the shot blocks. They are a little different, but i think they are easier than gu. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

Karen said...

congrats on your paper Cerit, that must have been a real bee-awch!

Jefu and Mari said...

wow congrats on your race...and hike after it all. after a face i usually take a shower and then crash on a couch or the floor if i dont make it to the couch...never gone on a hike afterwards...maybe ill have to try it...not sure im convinced:)

Cerise said...

Heather, I'm not sure about grad... I haven't received any word on regalia, nor do any of my fellow graduates seem to have info. I guess I'll see what happens!

Bryant, the Shot Bloks were pretty weird; I think I might just stick to gel.

And thanks, Karen and Jeff, for all the encouragement!

utenzi said...

That hiking picture is great, Cerise, and congratulations on completing your thesis.