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Monday, October 31, 2005

All Hallows' Eve

In honor of the "holiday," here are a few pictures of me being sparkly for the Halloween party last weekend. One of Carolyn's friends, who, along with his wife was dressed as what I can only assume was a crazed doctor, said, "'Love the costume. I mean, I love the pirates--those are my favorite. But other than the pirates, the fairy is my favorite. I love fairies. I mean, I'm a straight man and everything, but I love them. I bought one, I gave it to my little niece. 'Love the costume. 'Love fairies."

Right now the wings are guarding the corner between my window and furnace closet. They turned out okay, considering that they're just wire, pantyhose, glue and glitter, and after all that work I don't want to just toss them. Perhaps a certain little cousin could enjoy them..?

And finally, a photo from the archives of the occasion for which I purchased the sparkly dress. I believe this is the first time Bryant and I appear together in a photo. Let that be a lesson to you!


Ellen said...

i love pirates. fairies and, i would add mermaids, are secondary.

Adrianna said...

Poor crazy doctor... I can imagine his consternation at hearing himself say that he loves fairies... Cute wings, by the way, you look great!

Cerise said...

Thank you! And those aren't bald spots on the back of my head in the first picture. They're just blonde patches. In case anyone wondered.

nancy said...

the wings turned out really nice. you may need to make a small pair for maddy.

utenzi said...

...and just what lesson should we infer from this, Cerise?

Happy Halloween, once-winged Cerise.

strovska said...

the wings are lovely! you definitely win in the crafty-costume category, since i petered out before i finished modifying the Goth Getup.