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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Insult to injury

I baked two loaves of bread on Thursday, and gave one to my neighbor to thank her for lending me her cat. Yesterday, I found the mouse in mine and threw the whole thing away.

I baked another two last night, and although I haven't in the past even always wrapped them up overnight, given recent events, I thought I should take some precautions. I wrapped both in plastic wrap and then in aluminum foil and set them on the cooling rack on my counter. I hadn't taken out the trash, and sort of thought the gnawed loaf there would be more tempting than one in a full metal jacket, as it were.

I was wrong, as I'm sure you've already guessed. Once again a mouse had tunneled straight into the loaf, having chewed through both the aluminum foil and the plastic wrap. Thankfully this time, I didn't find him inside the loaf. I did find him in the mousetrap under the sink.

My theory is that, savvy as he has previously proven himself, he couldn't resist the peanut butter, but had so gorged himself on freshly baked bread that he couldn't move quickly enough to escape. This was a portly mouse.

And perhaps (fingers crossed!) the last. I have neither heard nor seen traces of them since; the eighth of the snap traps I purchased is still baited and waiting under the sink just in case, but with nine down, I'm hoping I'm done.


Carissa J said...

I think you are very brave. I'm pretty sure I would have moved out by now. :)

strovska said...

i've read all three now, and the whole thing made my blood run cold (and not in the sense of "sang-froid", which you seem to possess in greater measure than i do). i would be a gibbering mess after all that.

I Hope So said...

i hope there are no more! they are eating your BREAD! how rude!

The Churches said...

Portly? You are being PC with a mouse who's tunneling home-made bread?! In my opinion that stinkin' mouse is just plain FAT!