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Sunday, April 01, 2007

"Everybody tell me, have you heard?"

One year ago, I ran my first official half-marathon. I'm actually glad I discovered that blog entry just now, and not before today's attempted run; it was depressing enough trying to drag myself out of bed as it was.

(See, it's not actually spring here. A week ago, it was trying to be, and I was thrilled. One of the things locals will tell you about winters here--one of a Minnesota winter's virtues--is that, yes, it's cold, but it stays cold. No false hopes for these stalwart Midwesterners! What they don't mention is that once winter should be over (signified, one could presume, by temperatures above freezing), it doesn't have to be. It can stay cold (which, granted, may be 50 degrees warmer than January's cold, but isn't very springlike). So we had about three days of freakish warmth and sunshine, and it's been cold and rainy every since. I find this disheartening.)

In any case, I did run this morning, because last night my dad and sister called to sign me up for the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half-Marathon. I had run four miles total since the thaw, and doubled that this morning. And because I'm trying to cure myself of making depressing comparisons, I'm going to celebrate the fact that I did it in 37 minutes, rather than think about what a runner I was a year ago, or the mileage said family members have already been putting in (Dad, April, and Chris are all planning to run San Diego this year, and dutifully training).

And, AND! Even though it was gray and cold (though thankfully taking a brief break from raining, while I was out), I actually had a really good time! I remembered why I liked running. You should never stop after two miles, as I had been doing. And if you're going to be alone, you should take music (as I'd been neglecting, due to a battery shortage). Today I fired up the Marathonator and listened to Men Without Hats, which is some of the finest running accompaniment I've ever found. Oh, those crazy, synthesizing Canadians. Good times.


m is for maiden said...

i'm very jealous of people who run marathons or half marathons or even just down the street. i don't have the lungs for it. i think my lungs are malformed or something. i can walk/hike forever but run? no way. and going for a 'run' sounds so much more cooler than going for a 'walk'.

Cerise said...

Runners are crazy and not necessarily to be envied!

Aside from that, do your lungs do better in places other than Loma Linda? It's probably not that great to work them in sub-freezing temperatures, but I tend to think that smog must be even worse.

m is for maiden said...

nope. i would love to blame it on the smog. but i was the same way in florida. i've even been told by a med student that by looking at my chest cavity they would think my lungs might not be fully developed or something. so i guess i should just get used to the fact that i will be the old lady who goes on her daily walks verses being the cool kid who runs marathons. ah well.