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Sunday, April 09, 2006

"Now face north..."

Miles run: 15
Bottles of Gatorade stashed strategically along the trail: 3
Temperature: 46-52 F (but felt warmer; I was in shorts, though chilly at times)
Cloud cover: 5%
New songs uploaded to the Marathonator: 71*
Time: 2:48
Overall mile pace (unadjusted): 11.2

Getting to run outside in an Ohio spring: priceless

*Albums heard during the run: Klaralynn's 80s Dance Mix; Men Without Hats Collection; and Get the Power: Rocking, Wrestling, and Rapping


nancy said...

Did you hear that Dad's knee "went out" on him during his 15 mile run Sunday. He thinks this is the end of his quest for the marathon. He's no willing to risk ruining his knee and his tennis for the sake of running. I'm so disappointed for him.

Cerise said...

Yeah, he told me this afternoon. I told him he doesn't necessarily have to throw in the towel yet--that you can miss even a couple of weeks of training at this point--but to obviously be very careful if he starts again. I guess we'll see how he feels... hopefully, much better!

Angela said...

you are awesome and definitely an inspiration. i salute YOU.