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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Seasonal firsts

Wednesday: Running--2 miles!
Thursday: No long underwear!
Friday: Iced coffee! Shoes without socks!
Saturday: Bedroom window open!
Sunday: All windows open! Iced tea! Bike ride, without gloves or hat, and with pants rolled up instead of tucked into socks!

Finally! Spring!

Photo by Bryant.


Voth said...

So you ran 2 miles on Wednesday while wearing long underwear?

Cerise said...

Heh... it wouldn't have been the first time! But no, I did take it off for the run. And put on some other clothes. Yep.

Ellen said...

i got a free coffee today, well, it was more like buy-one-accidentally-get-one-free. it makes for a good day back to school.