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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Is this going to become a Crazy Cat Blog? Perhaps. The kittens are awfully easy targets.

Kitty thermometer: they start lolling on the hardwood at around 85°

So you may have heard that it's been hot here in the Midwest! It's been hot approximately everywhere, though, so you may not have cared. Anyway, on the Fourth, Mpls cleared 101°, setting a record (and feeling super-tropical with a 72° dew point). David and I were both at home for the holiday, trying to stay cool in front of our portable A/C unit (which was struggling to keep it to an almost-comfortable 87°), when we lost power.* 

We lasted about 10 minutes upstairs before picking up the kitties and heading down to the basement, where it was nice and cool--probably in the 70s. Pobbes and Icy were very excited to explore; they'd had baths that morning in an effort to cool them down (panting kitties are a terribly pathetic sight!), but soon had cobwebs in their whiskers (and everywhere else). David and I were somewhat less excited, but with a book for me, his smartphone for him, and cold drinks for both of us, we were able to outlast the hour-long outage. Actually, it was much hotter when we returned upstairs--but the views and furniture were better and the space much cleaner!

Thankfully, it has cooled and dried off over the past few days; we've had highs in the upper eighties and lower nineties, but more importantly it's dipped to around 70 and below at night, meaning it's completely bearable. Actually, it's been beautiful. Nothing makes you appreciate a nice dry 87 quite like a muggy 100.

Later, I'll write about the epic fireworks display(s) we caught later on the Fourth!

*I was going to put that in all caps, but then I remembered that there are people in the South/East who were out of power for days. Now I feel like a pansy.


m said...

i'm all about a crazy cat lady blog! it's so weird to me to see this awful heat wave and power outages everywhere and yet in florida it's been pretty darn bearable.

CëRïSë said...

I'm glad it's been bearable in Florida! That's how I felt this winter, here, when the rest of the country was being buried under snow and MN was eerily snowless (snow-low?).

BrianV said...

Wow. Meanwhile it was still cloudy and cool in Portland up until the 4th.

Glad you guys survived---doesn't sound fun.

CëRïSë said...

It wasn't great, but I'll admit that I love the sun enough to still prefer it to cloudy and cool--most of the time, anyway!

Mumsie said...

The grandkitties are adorable. I can hardly wait to meet them next month.

CëRïSë said...

And they can't wait to meet YOU, Mumsie!