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Thursday, July 12, 2012


As I was returning to my third-floor library study room from a water bottle-filling and M&M-fetching basement run, I paused briefly to hold the door open for a janitor pushing a trashcan behind me.

“Aww, that’s so nice! You didn’t have to wait and get the door for me!” he enthused. “That was so compassionate! You must be a Democrat!” I laughed and, rather embarrassed by his effusiveness, admitted, “Yes, I am a Democrat.”

“’Cause you know a Republican wouldn’a did!” he laughed. “You have a nice afternoon!”

I  wasn’t at all sure that a “Republican wouldn’a did,” nor that my holding the door open was a mark either of moral superiority or of liberal political leanings, but I still giggled the whole way upstairs.


Ellen said...

If things were only that simple...

CëRïSë said...

Yes. And that people would vote not only in their own best interest, but in the best interest of others!