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Monday, July 09, 2012


As you may know, in November David and I acquired a cat problem to deal with our mouse problem. We no longer have any mice, and the cats are among the sweetest, best-looking, affectionate, and chillest that I've ever encountered.
Which is a good thing, because left to their own devices, they would destroy everything in sight.

That's not quite true. Their favorite objects of destruction are toilet paper, plants, textiles, sewing/crocheting supplies, and cardboard boxes. If we're careful about limiting their access to those objects, they may still scratch a bit on the furniture (Icy) or steal David's razor (Pobbes), but wreak far less havoc.

Before we realized we had to keep them away from most clothing, however, we did have a few casualties. They chewed a hole in the back of a silky new camisole with the tags still on it, and multiple holes in another top I'd only worn once. Worst, though, they got a hold of the cashmere sweater my sister and I got David for Christmas last year. Pobbes first got to it when it was on the top of David's (tall) dresser, chewing a hole that rendered it unwearable but still left plenty of material for recycling. I put it in my closet to protect it, but yesterday discovered that Pobbes had pulled it out from under the closet doors and was again mauling it. In fact, he had Swiss cheesed the whole thing, leaving hardly any material suitable for crafting. Upon this discovery, we decided to let him keep his furry quarry, in the hopes of dissuading his destruction of other prized clothing.

David captured the following video when Pobbes had dragged his trophy to one of his other favorite things, the big sleeping bag you can see on the red chair. Also visible in the video is Fernie the Palm, who is tattered but hanging on after suffering greatly as one of the kittens' earliest targets. Try to ignore my maniacal cackling, and enjoy our kittens doing what they appear to do best:


Adrianna said...

The "Swiss-cheesed-it" comment made me laugh and my favorite part of the movie is when Pobbes (?) runs off with the sweater flying behind him like a bat... er, I mean, cat cape. Kitties are so much fun! Sometimes I want to go to the pound (you know, after Doug leaves for work) and pick one out for me and the kids and then I remember the vet bills and the kitty litter and I'm okay. :)

CëRïSë said...

Our vet bills haven't been much yet (knock on wood!), and they're indoor kitties for that reason--but yes, the litter is a pain. As are the shredded sweaters, stolen mascara, destroyed TP, etc. Just in case you need further mental armor against the adorableness!

m said...

with two cats and two dogs in our house (and all wood floors) my life consists of sweeping up dirt and kitty litter. every day.

CëRïSë said...

Litter! And shed fur. Everywhere. I can't even imagine adding two dogs to the mix!

BrianV said...

Cats and toilet paper make great blogging content:

CëRïSë said...

Ahh! That picture is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Love this. Ah, life with cats.

Our Luzhin gets crazier by the day. He's already on a big fat dose of Prozac. My cousin's cat was on Lithium for a while (insert hummed Nirvana tune here), though, so I guess we still have an option other than strangling him or leaving him locked in the back room. Gah.

Do you know about Grannick's Bitter Apple spray? It's saved our potted plants. It's a bitter-tasting spray that deters chewing. Probably not suitable for hosing down all your clothes, but it keeps our cats from going to town on plants and some other non-chewables.

Miss you and hope the packing is going well.

Can't wait until we're (nearly... well, 8-10 hours-ish) neighbors again!