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Monday, November 01, 2010


This is my 700th post here. It's also my first of yet another NaBloPoMo!

Frighteningly early tomorrow morning, I'm flying to Nebraska for a whirlwind research trip (I get back late Wednesday night), so I'm heading to bed momentarily.

Since I'll be out of state tomorrow, I voted absentee for the first time. I had picked up my ballot more than a week ago, but failed to get it mailed back in time. This afternoon, then, I went to City Hall for the first time, located the election office, and dropped it off. I already felt pretty proud of myself for accomplishing my civic duty, but what really made it worth the trip was realizing that the inside of City Hall looks like this.

I'm not quite as fired up about this year's elections as I was about the last go-round, but I am pretty upset that the party that has stone-walled the entire agenda of a president who actually did have a mandate, and made (in retrospect misguided, but certainly earnest) attempts at compromise and bipartisanship may well be rewarded for their nefarious efforts. I thought this article, upon which I stumbled as a link in someone's shared item, summed up well my thoughts on the current state of affairs.

Anyway, whatever your opinion on the state of affairs, I encourage you, as always, to get out there and vote! Don't let the crazy 15% have all the say.


Daniel said...

Thanks for reminding me about Napoblomo. I've got an hour yet so I'll be trying.

Leah said...

I forgot about Nablopomo! Oops.

And hello?! Your city hall is beautiful! Now that would be an awesome place to get married (just because I've been thinking about wedding venues recently.)

strovska said...

your next-to-last paragraph sums up my feelings pretty succinctly.