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Friday, October 29, 2010


Things I have done to prepare for tomorrow's Monster Dash Half Marathon:
1. Purchased rainbow-striped thigh-high socks
2. Purchased rainbow-striped fingerless gloves/arm warmers
3. Purchased rainbow-striped hats (though, sadly, they only shipped one of them)
4. Attended the race expo and picked up my chip and shirt
5. Made cinnamon rolls for eating afterward

I haven't actually run since the Twin Cities Marathon (unless you count a dash to the Asian grocery store earlier this week; I did put on running shoes and run there--and back, carrying cans of coconut milk). I've been... conserving my energy. Resting up. Carb loading!

Anyway, when a friend who had also run TCM this year (after running her very first marathon with me two years ago) told me that she had the perfect costume idea for the Monster Dash and that we had to do it, I couldn't resist. We're going as a Double Rainbow! So intense!

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