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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


So I've set a new personal record for failing at NaBloPoMo: a single day! I really did try to get online and blog, but couldn't convince the wireless Internet to talk to me and was too tired to keep trying.

In any case, I'm spending my last few minutes in Lincoln at the Mill (pictured here, sort of, thanks to Little Lappy's webam) before heading back to Omaha to return my rental car and fly home.

It has been a great trip (though admittedly more because of the lovely weather, marvelous friends, and enjoyable city than because of stellar research accomplishments), and, as always, it's a bit sad to leave. More when I return!


Mumsie said...

Wow, I blink and you're off on yet another adventure. Be safe and sane my precious one.

Misty said...

So sorry the wireless didn't work for you...


CëRïSë said...

I'm back from my adventure, Mumsie! Nothing for a few weeks, at the very least.

And Misty, it was my own fault for entering the wrong password--and being too lazy to come upstairs and double-check!