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Monday, December 07, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

I am in the Las Vegas airport, where I managed, thanks to a miraculous absence of lines at the taxi queue, the ticketing counter, and security--as well, less happily, as a 40-minute flight delay--to arrive approximately two hours in advance of my departure. I would like more than anything to be in my own bed in Mpls (though I'm informed they're experiencing their first real Winter Storm of the year), but instead I have a red-eye to Atlanta. Yay!

The good news is that I'm ready to fall asleep right here at my computer (though the time in front of it would be more productively spent on my submission for writing workshop, due tomorrow...) and will hopefully get at least a few hours of snoozing in on the flight. I'm thoroughly exhausted from yesterday's race, the subsequent hoofing up and down the Strip, and last night's late show.

Everything is so big here, and so consistently-bafflingly far apart! The hotel/casinos themselves are emphatically labyrinthine, and although the distance between the Luxor (where we stayed) and the Venetian (to which we walked to claim our Blue Man Group tickets) is ostensibly only two miles, the peripatetics required to actually navigate the space (including dodging myriad meandering tourists and card-flipping solicitors, and unavoidable bazaar-esque roundabouts) makes it feel at least twice that. The blistered feet, tight calves, and sore quads did little to help!

The race itself was a pretty good time. It had been a long time since I'd run an entire race with a friend, and running with my sister (and much of the time with my brother-in-law) was definitely a highlight. We finished in 2:01:48, a bit faster than my Monster Dash time and quite a bit faster than my Lacamas Lake. It was very cold at the pre-dawn start, and had actually only warmed up to around 40° by the time we finished, but the sun did come out and the course was nice and flat, with good bands and entertaining scenery.

We forwent the after-race concert (has anyone even heard of Donavon Frankenreiter--?), but did get tickets to the 10pm Blue Man Group. Thankfully, it was more than entertaining enough to stave off our race-induced sleepy stupor--a really amazing show! I could throw some words at you to try to explain it, but I highly suggest seeing them whenever you can. Maybe I'll try to write more later. I definitely have more pictures to post.

At the moment, I'm thinking I'll remove my contacts for my upcoming flight, in hopes of getting as much rest as absolutely possible after quite the full and fantastic, but rather exhausting, weekend.


Leah said...

I'm sure I'd feel entitled to spend the rest of the day in bed after running a marathon. Instead, you sprinted all around LV, went to a show that started WAY past my bedtime, and then caught a red-eye flight.

You're superwoman, I'm convinced.

Carissa J said...

Congrats on the race! But why on earth did it start so early?!

CëRïSë said...

Thank you both!

Though superwoman is probably undeserved; I did have a day in between marathon-and-Blue-Man-Sunday and flight-catching Monday, on which we didn't do that much walking!

And Carissa, I think it started so early so that we could see some of the lights on the Strip? Or the beautiful desert sunrise? But I'm guessing it also had to do with disrupting the least amount of traffic!

Daniel said...

In my opinion, you didn't miss anything with Donovan Frankenreiter. He's a sort of Jack Johnson knock-off that looks like Thomas Jane.


CëRïSë said...

Thanks for the affirmation, Daniel. Sometimes the concerts are great--I enjoyed Smash Mouth in Phoenix, and Pat! Benatar! played the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll my dad, sister, and brother in law ran--but I skipped Ozomatli the year I ran the latter. Hrmph.