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Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey, so, remember how back in September I briefly alluded to Epic Roadtrip II, which David and I took on our way back to Mpls from the Northwest? Yeah, I kept meaning to blog more about that, and never did.

I may share more pictures later, but for now, here's a photo for each day of our adventure:

Saturday, 8/22: Surprise birthday party for Hathor

Sunday, 8/23: Leaving Walla Walla

Monday, 8/24: Oregon Caves

Tuesday, 8/25: Driving to Northern California

Wednesday, 8/26: Visiting David's grandparents in Northern California

Thursday, 8/27: Staying with Jon & Lauren before heading south

Friday, 8/28: Dinner party at Becca's

Saturday, 8/29: The high desert--Integratron and J-Tree

Sunday, 8/30: Shockingly, no pictures taken (after several hundred the day before...)

Monday, 8/31: My birthday; my mom made tiramisu and put candles in it!

Tuesday, 9/1: Leaving the desert

Wednesday, 9/2: The Grand Canyon

Thursday, 9/3: White Sands National Monument

Friday, 9/4: Carlsbad Caverns

Saturday, 9/5: Roswell, NM

Wow. That was way more difficult than I expected--and I'll definitely have to post more pictures. The Integratron/Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, White Sands, and Carlsbad were each particularly difficult to attempt to capture in a single photo. If I weren't so exhausted, I'd also post a map so that you could see just how far our peripatetic wanderings took us.

1 comment:

Curly Sue said...

I wish I was doing half the traveling that you are. Stupid job, with stupid vacation hours.