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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mildly Obsessive

I realized today, upon seeing this picture, that the reason I keep cutting my hair short is that I keep hoping it will make me look like Halle Berry. It doesn't.

Recently I've been sort of growing it out, and the result is a lot of ringlets (on drizzly days like today, somewhat fuzzy ones). I couldn't find a recent picture, so I took one just now on the lappy. This is me frowning because I'm tired of all the fuzzy ringlets:

The more I think about it, the more irritated I get. A google for the precise wording of this great Dylan quote on hair led to an image search, and I'm further irked by the realization that my current hair resembles Dylan's a lot more than it does Halle's. His quote is very small consolation:

Actually, I think [Lincoln's long hair] was for medical reasons, which are none of my business. But I guess if you figure it out, you realize that all of one's hair surrounds and lays on the brain inside your head. Mathematically speaking, the more of it you can get out of your head, the better. People who want free minds sometimes overlook the fact that you have to have an uncluttered brain. Obviously, if you get your hair on the outside of your head, your brain will be a little more freer. [source]
My hair is the longest it has been since about May. I like it okay in this picture:

I am not at all crazy about it in this picture (taken the next day!):

This is the problem with my hair. Here is a picture I took maybe two years ago. It's the one I take in with me when I want to get my hair cut like Halle Berry's (it's not that far of a stretch, right?):

But getting it to look like this in real life requires a bit of assistance from a curling iron, which I'm generally way too low-maintenance to mess with. If, for example, I roll out of bed and go for a walk on the beach, I end up with this less attractive result (though I do think this cut is shorter than the one pictured above):

The thing is, the pictures of me with bad short hair are some of my least favorite ever. But none of the pictures of me with long hair inspires me remotely. Here's one I found from this summer:

It's a perfectly nice picture, and I like it actually quite a lot. But it doesn't inspire me to grow my hair out. Actually, all these pictures are just reminding me of how much hair I currently have on my head are making me twitchy to cut it all off.

I know that if I let it keep growing, it will continue to grow out of, and back into, awkward phases. Maybe if I got it trimmed (my last cut was almost exactly five months ago), I'd feel better about it. The thing is, I don't have a distinct goal for my hair (though every once in a while I do see someone with nice long curly hair and feel momentarily inspired). If I leave it alone, it keeps getting longer, which I guess is change, but doesn't feel at all inspiring. Whereas, a cut is an immediate change! It's an adventure! It's proof that I'm not frightened and intimidated!

It's just not always an improvement. Sigh.


Daniel said...

I hate the limbo between long hair and short. I like my half inch buzz cut, but sometimes I think I'd like to go back to something longer, especially for the winter. However, I couldn't make it through the transition length, so another round of the buzz cut.


Curly Sue said...

Wow, after reading your post, *I* feel kind of stressed about hair. I like your hair in the Halle Berry style, and I can't imagine you with long hair...I think you'd lose that short, sharp, firecracker girl look that you usually rock.

Mumsie said...

Ha! You have to share the Dylan quote with Joel. Thanks for the leaves, by the way. They're scattered over my diningroom table in lovely abandon.

CëRïSë said...

Daniel, I haven't buzzed mine yet, but I won't say I haven't considered.

Leah, I'm not sure whether to be pleased or distressed with my apparent evocative ability--but thank you heartily for the "short, sharp firecracker" comment!

And Mumsie, I e-mailed him today. And I'm glad you liked your leaves!

mandy said...

ceri! i thought your hair looked fantastic in every one of those photos! seriously. though i do agree with curly sue (curly sue. haha) that short seems to fit you. but then again, i've never known you with long hair.

CëRïSë said...

Thanks, Mandy! I appreciate the vote of confidence.

Ashley said...

Ceri, I relate completely. I also strived for the Halle Berry look but somehow wasn't always satisfied with the attempt. I'm at a much longer haired stage right now with mixed reviews (my own). The short short bit just wasn't working out as well after a while so I had more gumption to push through the awkward growing out. I bit the bullet and told myself to believe it would be alright in the end. And it is. Alright. Ok. Fine. But this wasn't meant to be about MY hair issues! :)

For the record, I've always loved your hair on you (versus, just your hair, of course) and agree with Curly Sue about the sharp firecrackerness. That said, I don't really have any suggestions because I can't imagine your hair (and thus, you) any different.

CëRïSë said...

Awww, thanks, Ashley! I know I've told you this on multiple occasions, but I've always loved your hair, and was even more impressed to discover you cut it yourself. How long is it these days? I haven't seen you in forever!