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Sunday, October 04, 2009


Internets, I am so tired that I am the slimmest of margins away from pulling on my ears (and squealing) à la Baby V. I thought I was tired last week, after the Urban Assault Ride, but of course that was child's play compared to 26.2 miles on my (even ninja-taped) feet.

I did finish the race in 4:49:39, which is no speed record, even for me, but which I did think was totally respectable for the meager amount of training I'd put in. (The longest run I did this summer was the Lacamas half, which, as you may recall, kicked my butt--and that was two months ago.)

The weather was chilly, but we only had a few raindrops, although the sky was looking pretty ominous by the end. A few sunbreaks even illuminated the autumnal colors as we ran, and the course lived up to its tagline of being the Most Beautiful Urban Marathon. (It really is a pretty beautiful course; it's hard to beat four lakes and a river, as well as two downtown skylines!)

Unfortunately, the ninja taping rubbed its own blister on one toe and didn't protect another spot I would ordinarily have bandaged prophylactically. The joints, however, feel pretty good, and aside from some wicked tight calves and general fatigue, I'm feeling pretty swell!

Various members of my awesome Minneapolis crew were present at the start line and four other spots along the course. The whole group was there for the finish line, and then two more friends joined us for celebratory greasy food afterward. I am one fortunate girl.

More pictures coming!


Carissa J said...

Congrats, girl! I think you are very brave for running a full with such little training! :) You're awesome!

Misty said...

Congrats on another marathon!

Curly Sue said...

You're a tower of strength, lady.

Good on you!