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Thursday, October 08, 2009


The past several days have been on the cool and wet side, so when the sun came out today, I decided to play hooky after my dissertation workshop and enjoy the glorious fall afternoon. I persuaded David that we should go to Minnehaha Falls, which neither of us had seen in its unfrozen form (which, needless to say, is a far sadder reflection on me than on him) to take full advantage of it.

It was almost 50 degrees warmer than the last time we'd been there, although still crisp enough to make our noses run. The trees have just begun changing, and the colors were beautiful; these are for those of you in more seasonless climes:

Lest you find yourself jealous, however, I remind you that this is coming (and the radio says we may have snow--accumulating--this weekend).


Curly Sue said...

Oh, how beautiful! I AM jealous, even about the snow. Just for some perspective: it's going to be 91 degrees today and the humidity is killer. My glasses fog up WHEN I GO OUTSIDE!

strovska said...

so pretty! i'm a little jealous of the snow too, until i think about subzero temperatures for the next 6 months.

Misty said...

The colors are so pretty...we don't have the brilliant colors yet, but we also have snow in the forecast.

Nicole said...

So Gorgeous! Fall has just started here and I can't wait until it's a full on color explosion.