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Saturday, October 03, 2009


Today at the Expo I had my feet taped up like a ninja!

I didn't go in with that intention, but that's what happened. I was lured by the sign that promised a free chiropractic consult and $29 first treatment when I signed up at the expo. I asked the guy if they could fix my feet, which have been bothering me--the first joint of the big toes, alternating from one foot to the other. He examined them and explained that it was probably tightness in my shin muscles actually lifting my toes up, and taped them so that they weren't pulling up quite so much.

It felt, and continues to feel, really good, so I'm hoping that my feet do well for tomorrow's race. I also have an appointment for Monday morning, which excites me because they do that awesome ART thing and I'm sure I'll be in need of some magic.

And now, because I told everyone at the party we left early that I was going home to sleep, I'm going to get into bed. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep or not, but--8 a.m. gun time! Woo!


Nothing said...

Wow. You really do look ninja-like. Any sudden ability to fly through the air and wield a sword, and you had probably better have a doctor check you out.

Misty said...

That is some fancy black taping. Yay for chiropractors! I'm glad that you were helped. I've been missing my chiropractor lately. =)

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