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Thursday, August 06, 2009


  • Last night Hathor and I went to see The Taming of the Shrew at the Fort Walla Walla amphitheater.
  • It was set in a trailer park, and although that might sound gimmicky, I thought it worked pretty amazingly; they threw in a few "beer me"s and "ka caw!"s, but you'd be impressed at how well the script fit without any modification.
  • Earlier in the day, I had gelato with the Englishman before he flew to San Francisco--coincidentally, on the same flight as my aunt and uncle.
  • I had coconut and mango lassi, and he had Japanese plum and strawberry.
  • I almost always have coconut gelato when it's available; my favorite pairing with it is Nutella or something chocolatey, but I'm not consistently impressed with the patisserie's chocolate (though I am with almost everything else).
  • Tonight I joined a local Italian conversation group at the Starbucks.
  • I'd been invited by my friend Lidia, whom I ran into at the patisserie several weeks ago, and have since visited to meet her new puppy.
  • Lidia is the woman responsible for the quote in this entry.
  • Ironically, I'd just had my hair cut short again the day before I ran into her.
  • It felt good to speak Italian again, and funny to hear Italian words held awkwardly in so many American mouths (including mine; I'm very rusty).
  • Maybe I can find an Italian speaking group in Mpls.
  • Tonight is rainy and cool in Walla Walla, and it feels pretty fantastic to have the windows open.

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