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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Seattle, Walla Walla

At the moment, I don't have any pictures of the weekend, and although I'm sure David will share them with me eventually, many of my favorite moments weren't even photographed:

  • My delicious Hermiston taco wagon veggie burrito and the preteen at the counter who seems endlessly fascinated (in the most charming way) with our personal lives
  • The beautifully banked curves of Snoqualmie pass and the muted layers of hills
  • Sleeping on my sister's floor in Port Orchard, where the crisp, evergreen-scented air from the open windows made it feel like camping
  • Giggling with my mom and sister upstairs while we sorted through and tried on clothes she was getting rid of
  • My amazing Bay Street mocha with homemade vanilla whipped cream, accidentally iced but all the better for it, enjoyed amongst Bremerton's new fountains and educational plaques
  • Analyzing the gigantic crowd waiting to board the ferry to Seattle and determining, from the preponderance of skirts with cowboy boots, dudes in cowboy hats, and at least one "Chesney" jersey (bright orange), that there was a Kenny Chesney concert across the water (in addition to SeaFair)
  • Making the best Thai peanut vegetable curry of my life, to which I attribute my mom's inimitable skills as sous chef and my sister's cayenne and spicy curry powders
  • Playing Aerobie with David and the Rockstar at Illahee State Park
  • My mom's nachos with David's spectacular guacamole
  • Sharing childhood memories over Swedish pancakes Sunday morning
We did take photos of some of the other fun stuff, which I'll also try to post.

I do have a few pictures of Monday, taken on a camera kindly loaned to me by M&C after the lunch invitation they extended turned into an all-day outing of the not-to-be-unphotographed kind, playing tourist with the Englishman David and I picked up in Seattle and brought back across the mountains with us. Sadly, the vast majority of the photographs I took were shot from the moving car, and although they are a tribute to my fascination with the wine country scenery and the fortitude of the camera, they do little to capture the essence of the afternoon, which I suppose was a sort of social experiment gone excellently.

We ended up at the Thai restaurant in College Place, which serves some of the best food in the area, but at which I've only eaten once, given their rather unpredictable hours. Most of Walla Walla was closed for Monday, but Bangkok 103 was open and we enjoyed excellent spring rolls (a once-in-16-years rarity, our waiter told us) and a fantastic squash curry, among other things.

I don't know if you can tell in this picture, which M snapped, that I am attempting to recover from an incapacitating laugh that left me all flushed and weeping (as I believe it did all of us, though no photo could ever do that baffling scene justice). As I recall, it was M's story of the bearsharks, and in particular his use of the word "enraged" that set me off, but really, it was just that kind of an evening. The best kind.

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