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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Let them grow!"*

So tonight I finally got my hair cut! I went to The Chair, an Aveda concept salon that a friend had recommended and that was relatively close to my house. Jim, my stylist, was great. Not only did he actually cut my hair short enough, he really took his time on the details--even shampooing me again after he'd done most of the cutting to sort of reset the curls and make sure everything would behave nicely. I was impressed from the beginning by the fact that he himself had naturally curly hair, which he wore short, but he went on to gain points by spending time talking to me about what I wanted, taking his time, and being generally funny, chatty, and charming.

Oh, and what did I pay for this relaxing and enjoyable salon experience, from which I emerged with the haircut I actually wanted? Twenty-five dollars. Thirty with the tip. OH YES.

I always look like the victim of a traumatic bleaching accident (or like I have the mange) when my hair is very short, due to the haphazard but naturally occurring red and blond patches on the left side of my head (the red streak up front looks more intentional, but that's just lucky). When I went short for the first time, in 2000, it was in Paris, and when the cute French girl had cut off all my hair, she put a mirror in my hands, spun me around so I could see the back of my head, and said, "C'est ne pas tres jolie!" before handing me the swatches of color options. I ended up choosing a vibrant red demi-permanent that I have spent the intervening years trying vainly to recreate; it shimmered and sparkled and washed away eventually without leaving any visible roots. (I imagine that such a thing may actually exist here in the States; my main problem is that I'm not willing to pay for it.)

In the past I've been disappointed by the boxed haircolors I've tried; somehow the red ones always seem to develop a purplish cast that I don't really dig. Tonight I used Clairol's Natural Instincts in the non-permanent #16 Spiced Tea Light Auburn, and was pretty pleased with the results. The blotchiness on the back of my head is still visible, but is definitely more even than it was; the weird blond spots are now a more blended red. The thing I keep meaning to try is Punky Colors, which are deposit-only colors, and which I think might be able to give me a nice cherry red cast without the purple. Also, I've avoided L'Oreal's Feria colors because they are "permanent" and I have commitment issues, but they claim to be shimmery and look like the off-the-shelf product that would be closest to my Parisian color, so I may break down and try a box. How badly could I mess up an inch of hair, anyway? If any of you out there have experience with either of those products, or something else, I'd be very interested in hearing it.



*This is what a well-meaning Italian woman, with her own impressively shaggy mane, had to say about my short hair in Florence, and what I think of (with a laugh) every time I get sheared.


Ern said...

Oh, you lucky dog. My Aveda Salon costs me closer to $50 with tip. But it's totally worth it after a few bad cuts elsewhere. They even touch up my makeup when I'm done.

I love your cut!

I Hope So said...

ooooh. pretty!

Curly Sue said...

So cute, Ceri! I love the short hair look on you.

I'm also totally willing to pay a bit more for a good haircut. At my last salon, my haircut would look good, even when it was way overdue for a cut.

Cerise said...

Thanks, ladies!

Curly Sue said...

Back when I used to dye my hair red, I used Feria a few times. I ended up not liking it because it wasn't bright and dramatic enough. Also, I noticed that it tended to fade a bit.

Keep in mind, though, that I was going for the darkest, richest burgundy that I could find. I think that Feria did have more highlight's just that I wasn't looking for that quality

The Churches said...

I've heard that Redken has really nice reds that don't fade as much as others. I haven't used it since beauty school, but they have a demi-permanent line that is easy to work with- Shades EQ, I think. Demi-permanent will give you shine like permanent never can! In fact, we used to use "clear" just to get shine. So, my suggestion: find someone with access to a beauty supply store that carries Redken and buy some Shades EQ and developer and go to work. The thing with Reds is that there are different base colors (copper, auburn, purple, etc). So just make sure to get one that pulls auburn and not purple. Oh! And with the deposit-only: it will develop darker, so buy a shade lighter than normal. Hope that helps!