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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roadtrip III: Douglas to Davenport

Here is the third set of roadtrip pictures; as always, you can see larger versions and leave comments when you visit the full album:

I also just realized that you miss the videos if you only watch the embedded slide show; be sure to check out Yellowstone Lake, the bear, bubbling mud pots, and more, plus the highlight of this particular album: cows on the road!

The night we left Yellowstone, we stayed in Douglas, Wyoming. The next day, we drove through the rest of Wyoming and into Nebraska, stopping at the Agate Fossil Beds and Carhenge. We arrived at Davenport Wednesday night and were able to spend time with Misty, Brian, and Clara--and the next morning, Ellen and friend--before leaving Thursday afternoon for Mpls.

Still more to come!


Ellen said...

I sound so mysterious! I've been eagerly waiting for these pictures. It was great to see you guys too bad we got there late.

K L said...

Christie and I are on our way to Casper in about a week to celebrate a friends wedding. It looks a bit bleak and rugged. I like that.