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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Roadtrip II: Boise to Dubois

Here are the Yellowstone pictures (click here for larger images and to leave comments):

Believe me when I say I pared this selection down a lot. Yellowstone is unbelievably photogenic, especially in the perfect weather we enjoyed for the majority of our stay. If you've been there, you know that these photos don't begin to do it justice. If you haven't been, hopefully this will inspire you at least a little!

We left Boise Thursday morning and got into the park that evening. Friday, we did the entire lower loop, starting at Madison (where we camped) and traveling clockwise. We saw Old Faithful, of course, but were completely enamored with the West Geyser Basin. The Artist Paintpots were also cool (one particular mud pot particularly thrilled me!), but either Norris just wasn't as cool or we were already kind of over hydrothermal features.

Saturday we went up to Mammoth, which I had never seen before and which proved to be my favorite part of the park: its colorful terraces were unlike anything I'd ever seen, and Canary Springs was particularly enthralling.

We left Sunday morning, on the only cool and cloudy day we'd had in the park (though the nights had been distinctly chilly). The steam coming off the thermal features in the cold air essentially obscured most of them, so we didn't linger long as we left the park through the South Entrance and crossed into Grand Teton National Park.

In Dubois, we paused at an Exxon that doubles as an ice cream parlor and jackalope museum, which you might recognize from the Road to Nowhere video. I don't recall the Giant Jackalope being there six years ago, but you can bet we paid our dollar each to ride the thing this time. Oh, yes.

Still more to come!


K L said...

The Tetons are pretty remarkable but are you in the lofty hills and towering crab grass groves of Walla Walla yet?

Curly Sue said...

Well, I'm jealous now. I miss mountains, or anything that's not an oppressively humid swamp.

I would LOVE to go hiking/camping.