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Monday, June 08, 2009

Roadtrip I

So I'm in Walla Walla! David and I arrived Tuesday night, and I'm settling in nicely. Heather has even offered me a bike for the summer, and once I've picked that up I'll feel even more at home.

Friday night, David and I uploaded the 2400 pictures we'd taken on the trip, and although Paul and Ter saw all of them (we set Picasa's slideshow timer to one second per image, and even so it took close to an hour to get through all of them--and P&T deserve medals!), I'm trying to be more selective about what I post here.

To start off, here are the shots we took between Portland and Boise, beginning on Friday afternoon when we skipped out from the conference a bit early after I'd given my paper. Saturday we did the PSU farmers' market, hung out with friends at Mount Tabor and Joseph Wood Hill parks, and celebrated the news about my fellowship. Sunday we spent some time with David's cousins before heading up to Seattle, where we hung out and ate dinner with The Rockstar. Monday, after spending the night with April and Chris, we took the ferry to Seattle, where we met up with Dee, shopped a bit, and got to see The Rockstar again at his day job. Tuesday, after a run, breakfast, and coffee with April, David and I crossed the pass and made it to Hermiston in time to meet the family for dinner. Wednesday morning, after a wonderful but too-short visit there, we stopped in Walla Walla for an even shorter lunch visit (where I met The Peanut for the first time!), and then had dinner with Jan, Dennis, and Maddy before stopping for the night in Boise with David's cousin.

Here are the pictures (click here for larger versions and to leave comments):

More to come (eventually)!

1 comment:

The Churches said...

Congratulations on the fellowship! That's way more than awesome!

And I LOVE seeing pictures of Portland...even if I DO live here! Northwest is the BEST! Looks like lots of fun (and lots of driving!!)!