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Sunday, March 01, 2009


Today a friend and I went to Maria's Cafe for brunch, where I had a delicious chocolate chip/strawberry pancake and too much coffee. The waiter, who had said, when I initially ordered two pancakes, "You know they're as big as the plate, right?" also pointed out, when he delivered the one I did order, that it had originally had a smiley face, and showed me where the chocolatey eyes had been.

Maria's is on Franklin just a block or so up from where I wiped out on Friday. The roads are thankfully much clearer, and I got there and back without incident. My left hip has developed quite an impressive lump, and is currently mottled shades of blue and purple, but what's even weirder is that my left shoulder--the back of my deltoid, I think--has knotted all up; I seem to have pulled something as I went down. Still: I've had an amazing winter biking run, all told, and intend to continue, albeit with renewed caution.

I hadn't been down Franklin in a couple of days, and to Maria's for a couple of years. But the inimitable Miss Mandy has got me thinking about the idea of overwriting old/unpleasant/outdated memories, and I think the idea has promise.

And here are a few pictures from the weekend (alas, none of my pancake)--black beans and rice, sun on snow, and window ice:


Ben said...

Now what do you mean by overwriting old memories? I'm intrigued.

CëRïSë said...

Basically I just mean doing things that previously had or have since acquired negative associations in order to make new, more positive associations. Like eating someplace you'd only ever been with an ex, or running safely along a trail where you once injured yourself.

Actually, it just occurred to me that it's kind of like the way you're supposed to replace negative Google references you can't get rid of other ways: add new, positive links so that the bad stuff drops off the front page.