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Monday, March 02, 2009


So I'm pretty sure whomever was stocking cosmetics at the K-Mart was wearing a perfume that my grandma used to wear--White Diamonds, maybe? The fragrance followed me throughout the store and back home; closer sniffing reveals that it's all over my lipstick tube, and now all over my hands.

It's not a bad smell, but I only want scents lingering on my person that I have deliberately applied, and preferably not ones that keep evoking memories of the 1980s. Actually, I think this one might be doing double-duty: remember those Designer Imposter fragrances in the 90s?* It's possible I, or someone near me, had a synthetic version of this scent as well.

I need to go wash my hands again.

*Blogger thinks that "imposter" is misspelled; apparently "impostor" is more common, although Merriam Webster admits the former as a variant of the latter. Isn't that crazy?


Curly Sue said...

I hate it when I'm subjected to scents that I haven't been involved in choosing. One of the undergrads who works in UA with me wears something really strong that reminds me of a perfume from the 80s that had lots of pink and black and white, and I think used an exclamation mark (!) as its logo? Sound familiar?

CëRïSë said...

That DOES sound familiar! I'm not at all sure I'd recognize the scent, but it was this, right? Apparently they still make it.