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Friday, February 27, 2009


Here are a few more pictures of the Phoenix Marathon, courtesy of Action Sports International. I think the first two are at the halfway point, and the last two at the finish line. I seem to have some sort of tic that makes me throw my hands into the air when I see a camera:

In other semi-athletic news, today I broke my lucky streak where snow biking is concerned. Most of Franklin Avenue has been cleared, but I hit a rough patch, realized I was going too fast with traffic slowing ahead of me, made the mistake of braking (and probably turning my wheel), tipped, and slid. I was lucky, though; the snow and my padded jacket broke my fall, and I got away with just a bruise or two on my elbow and hip (and pride, of course). I'd been fine slowly surfing through the inches of snow left on the less-traveled streets; my mistake (and it's an unforgivable one under these circumstances, clearly) was slipping from snow mode to commuter mode when I hit a main, and better-cleared, thoroughfare. It pays to remember that the snow is always boss.

It won't be melting any time soon--tonight's predicted low is -6°, and we won't even hit double digit lows until Monday at the earliest--but someday spring will come. I can't wait.


Curly Sue said...

Ha! Hahaha! That's funny about your tic. I laughed out loud.

I'll have to post my funny story about snow biking's super-embarrassing.

I heard of a friend of a friend of a friend who made his own snow tires by driving nails through his tires and replacing the inner tubes. I guess he had to get new tires after the snow melted.

Ern said...

Glad you're ok!

The people that automatically pose (or throw their hands up...) for pictures always have lots more good shots of themselves to choose from. Much better than the people who hide and pretend they don't want a picture!

Ern said...

ps - Have you ever watched the winter x games? They have snow mountain biking. Those people are crazy!

Nothing said...

I find it amusing that you raise your hands when you see a camera. Do you do this on roller coasters as well?

CëRïSë said...

I think the tic mostly extends to race pictures, although I do like to put my hands up on roller coasters, too.

And I've heard about homemade snow tires, but they do a good enough job of clearing the roads here (most of the time) that they'd be pretty impractical for me.

Oh, and I never have watched the Winter X Games. But Leah, I totally want to read your snow biking story!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ceri! love the pics of the race. also glad you are ok from he biking incident. sure you didn't see a camera while you were riding? ;) db