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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Seriously, whose idea of funny is it to put a dapper little snowman as the picture for what the weather is doing right now? It's the penultimate day of February, after all; civilized locations are already having spring!

I'm not as worked up about this "late season snowstorm" as I could be, actually. I did a bunch of grocery shopping before I returned my rental car on Sunday, and so I'm full of spicy and delicious Thai peanut curry and have the makings for many more meals. Wednesdays are usually the only day I have to be on campus, so that's out of the way. This afternoon and evening's classes were even canceled at the U--the first snow (half) day I can remember seeing here!

Last weekend was a snowy one for me, as well. I was at a graduate conference in Milwaukee, presenting a paper on Sarah Palin, Saturday night Live, and the Tina Fey Effect. The house where I was staying (its occupants, as it happened, out of town for the weekend) was right by Lake Michigan, of the eponymous effect snow, which may have accounted for the dumping we received Friday night and Saturday. Thankfully my little rental car (a cute turquoise Corolla that I'd happily own if it ever came to that again) was able to navigate the drifts out of the driveway that morning, though I did have to do some pretty heavy shoveling to get it back in again that evening.

Here are the pictures I got--sunrise, the really awe-inspiring Lake Michigan, and the drive home:


Curly Sue said...

What great pictures of the lake. Milwaukee's a nice city, surprisingly.


I miss the Midwest.


CëRïSë said...

Milwaukee is a nice city--I was surprised, too.

And I just realized that today is actually the penultimate day of February; I thought yesterday was the 27th.

Ern said...

No, spring can't be here! I am not ready for triple digits yet!

Your paper sounds interesting. :)

Heather said...

I love the pictures.