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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Second Date

As I type, we are having our first snow accumulation of the year. It's not scheduled to be too much; last I heard, they were predicting just an inch or two. It may (come such good fortune) be gone by the time I have to ride to school tomorrow.

This week's weather forecast doesn't look too thrilling, but it is pretty; look at that variety of thumbnails! I'd never seen the ice one before.

So tonight, as promised, was the second date. I'd say that I've had way creepier second dates, but I can actually only think of one previous "second date" proper, so it would be more accurate to say that I've had a creepier second date, and that makes this one sound creepy, when in fact it wasn't.

The nugget of self-awareness that this evening's outing revealed to me was that I'm simultaneously a great and a terrible date. Great because I laugh at jokes and keep the conversation going comfortably. Terrible because, among other things, I'm judging while simultaneously remaining apparently enthused.

Yes, judging. And if you can't understand why I avoid Matthew McConaughey movies on principle, we almost certainly lack any future.*

Admitting to judging makes me sound like a terrible person (though McDimples up there is the fluffiest of examples), even to myself, and I have been accused of being as much. It's tricky, though. Prejudice is one thing, but what about recognizing things for what they are? Isn't that one of the things that makes me an effective scholar, educator, and citizen?

And what about the fact that I may overlook or even appreciate certain characteristics in my friends or family that I simply don't want to deal with in a partner--or even a date? The fact that I possess judgment also shouldn't cause people paranoia; I like people!

Anyway, there are many, many reasons why I don't feel the need to see this boy again, as interesting as the (brief) experience has been. And there are many, many reasons why I may not date anyone for a long time and why that is mostly fine with me.

If you do, however, happen to know any staggeringly brilliant, passably attractive, reasonably athletic, and politically aware singles in the 27-37 age range, you can certainly send them my way.

*Though I actually didn't mind him in Tropic Thunder, which we saw tonight, and which was pretty amusing, if somewhat longer than its premise could support entertainingly.


Ellen said...

Did you hold hands?

Voth said...

Yeah, what Ellen said.

Miller Lyte McConaughey is my fav celeb baby name. Other than that, I can't stand the McConaughey family.

I Hope So said...

yeah, did you hold hands? did he try to kiss you and you ducked? how did he smell? smell is very important.

CëRïSë said...

Oh, you girls crack me up! NO, we didn't hold hands (which, because I am rather neurotic, I ensured by keeping mine firmly in my coat pockets as long as comfortable and then firmly clasped on the far side of my body).

And no, thankfully he didn't try to kiss me, again because I bolted about as soon as the car stopped.

I think I should add these things to the list of why I am a terrible date.

Oh, and he didn't smell like much of anything, which is better than smelling like a lot of something objectionable, of course!

Joel said...

He doesn't know about your blog?

CëRïSë said...

Is that you, My Brother? I don't think you've ever commented before! How exciting!

Anyway, no, he doesn't know about my blog. I'm also pretty sure that if he did, he would never have asked me out; it would, I think, render very clear our irreconcilable differences.

Larissa said...

Actually, I think it is good that you judge on dates. It is far better than the alternative "Gee, I noticed that he was violent but I didn't want to judge...I am so surprised that he slapped my grandma!" I have some friends that are bordering ridiculous when it comes to "judging". Come on! The first several dates should ONLY be judging in my opinion.

Curly Sue said...

Miller Lyte??? Seriously?

And I totally agree that holding hands with someone I don't know is GROSS!!! I mean, I've never understood why hand-holding is considered such a tame prelude to kissing. Maybe I'm just weird about my personal space, though. Your evasive maneuvers sound exactly like something I'd do.

Ellen said...

Speaking of judging, is he cuddly when intoxicated?

CëRïSë said...

Larissa, thanks for the validation! I too think an excess of judgment is probably preferable to a lack of one.

Leah, I learned about Miller Lyte on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!"'s quiz on McConaughey (more than you'd ever want to know about him!). And, yeah, holding hands has always felt pretty intimate to me--and given my obsession with keeping my hands clean, it's just a neurotic disaster waiting to happen if it's with a virtual stranger.

Ellen. I don't even know how to respond to that.