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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Here I am again, in the very last minutes of the day, knocking out my daily blog post without much to say. I still have eleven museum projects to grade (not that I've been counting for the past 37 or anything), but they're easier now that I'm accompanying them with a decaf chai and freshly baked bread.

I made another batch of French onion soup this afternoon (I didn't get quite enough last time, as I had to share with the party!) to accompany another loaf of Leah's bread (yes! another one! I wanted to get it right, and it's so tasty!). Actually, it's so tasty that I've eaten pretty close to half the loaf already.

It seems to be slightly calming the weird evening jitters, a result possibly of the knowledge that I'll be up late grading these persistently awful papers, or more likely of the afternoon peppermint mocha I was tempted into by a 50% off coupon and the knowledge that I had lots to do. It made me rather excitable and loquacious during my dissertation workshop, but seems to have done the usual messing with my brain chemicals, as I feel vaguely chilly and twitchy. Mostly, I want to go to bed.

So! Back to the papers!


Curly Sue said...

Thanks for the onion soup ideas. I've never thought to try it in the slow cooker. I'll get on that one of these days. 'Cause I love onion soup!

CëRïSë said...

This last batch, I made with McKay's MSG-free "beef" seasoning, and it turned out well. This time I did it on the stove, for less time but at higher heat, and it thickened up nicely. In fact, in the fridge, it got so thick that I've been adding water to reconstitute it.