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Saturday, October 25, 2008


In my list of reasons why I like Obama, I included, "He has been married to his (first/only) wife for 16 years, and his two daughters clearly love him." Whether or not that was one of the reasons that earned my list the "Prom King" distinction, it has come to my attention recently that I am not the only one to see the Obamas' relationship as an important factor in their suitability for the White House. Check out couples' therapists Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks' fantastic article on why this matters. They write that if we elect Obama,

we get the gift of seeing two people having an easeful friendship with each other. We get as a role model two people who communicate with each other as equals and stand beside each other as true partners. If we elect Barack Obama we are electing a new possibility in our relationship lives as a nation: respect, affection and authenticity. Michelle and Barack speak clearly and openly.... We're ready to see that kind of relationship, and we hope you are, too.
If you're interested in their analysis of body language in the McCain marriage, it's here. Additionally, if you'd prefer pictures, there are slideshows of both the Obamas' and the McCains' PDA moments.

Here's an entirely different slideshow--some more fall color pix taken with the camera phone yesterday and today:


I Hope So said...

ceri! i've been loving the hendricks' analysis of the obama and mccain relationships on huffpost!! so much so that i dusted off gay's "learning to love yourself" and "conscious loving: the journey of co-commitment" just the other day.

again and again i come back to emotional intelligence when i compare mccain and obama. and that has nothing to do with picking a "prom king". it does has everything to do with character and insight into how a person lives his life and how he/she will run and represent our country.

strovska said...

poor mrs. mccain seems very accident-prone, doesn't she?

i also find it interesting that she's gone from gray (which i think was much prettier) to blonde. i wonder if some strategist thought it would make him seem younger, or if she just decided to dye her hair.