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Friday, October 24, 2008



Haiku2 for disasterkitchen
can create events
and invite people to them
it is so handy
Created by Grahame


I Hope So said...

come on... post some more haiku! be obsessive! like me! i want to know what else you've got!

CëRïSë said...

Here are a few more for you! (Until you posted yours, I didn't actually realize that we could get multiples!)

and repetitive
and inarticulate yes
i think i blushed

six years it was my
first visit back since leaving
in august of 2004

is the marathon
and it might be the pancakes
or the caffeine

though it didn't mean
we'd been looking forward to
it for a long time

I Hope So said...

nice. i like the third one down the best. totally captures the ceri :)

David said...

Too much fun.

jitterbug perfume
by tom robbins the master
of metaphor beets

Larissa said...

haha! Love it!