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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today I did my first "long" run in training for the TCM. (That's right, people: from obsessing about food, I now move to obsessing about running!) It was five miles, which is less than what my neighbor and I were doing last summer for our daily runs. Then again, before last Friday (3 miles) I hadn't run since May.

Plus, this was on a treadmill, since, as I've mentioned before, it is far too hot here to run outside.* The treadmill was at the small World Gym in town, where I got a "12 Days of Fitness for $12" deal. And because I'd ordered it on the Internet (and maybe because she liked that my driver's license was from Minnesota, where she claimed she would love to live ["It's cool there, right?"]), the woman at the desk even waived the clause I hadn't been aware of, which was that you get 12 days or 6 workouts, whichever comes first. So I get as many workouts as I want in 12 days!**

Running on a treadmill tends to be rather tedious and I generally avoid it. However, there are a few bright spots. Today's had mostly to do with VH1. I received an education on what the Kids Are Listening to These Days as VH1 counted down the week's top 20 videos. And guess what the number one video was? New Kids on the Block! I may have been a bit delirious (after all, I was wrapping up almost an hour on the treadmill), but I thought it was all sorts of cheesy, hilarious, AWESOME. Seriously. I was dripping sweat and had a blister on my little toe, but I couldn't stop grinning. Fantastic.

Finally, I know it's Sunday, and not Friday, but I have a Favorite from Friday, anyway. I put on a skirt I hadn't worn since Hawaii, and in a pocket discovered a tiny, folded piece of paper. It was from a fortune cookie, which I'd saved because it was hands down the best fortune I had ever received. I've taped it to my laptop for encouragement. Here it is:

Yes I am!

*However, my parents are moving to the high desert next weekend, which tends to be cooler (and flatter); I'm hoping to run outside up there.
**Although my parents are actually moving before my 12 days are up.


Curly Sue said...

Kids these days are listening to NKOTB??

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't we listening to that in the 80s? And weren't they bad, even then?

strovska said...

oh! i haven't seen a real fortune in ages, just bland bromides like "make the most of today" or "your friends are your true wealth". i thought actual fortunes were a thing of the past.

oh, and curly sue--you should be aware, from your recent contact with The Younger Set, that Kids These Days are All About the Eighties. (or at least that's what i've deduced without any actual contact.)


Anonymous said...

oh no, NKOTB reunited recently. Crazy, I know! (and yes, the kids these days are about the 80s. Saw some 18 yr olds discussing their love for NKOTB and how they grew up listening to them...)

Anonymous said...

What do you mean laughing? I thought the hula-seizure-esque dance moves were pretty kick ass. I'm so turned on right now, I can't stand myself. Hot diggity.

In 3rd grade a girl had a NKOTB trapper keeper and I remember thinking it was dumb. I had Garfield. Word.


Ellen said...

What happened to your profile picture?

CëRïSë said...

Yep, they're back! Though I've long appreciated 80s music, I don't really count them.

Wendy, "hula-seizure-esque" is brilliant.

And Ellen, I haven't had a profile picture for a couple of months... I took my snowy balaclava picture down when it began to seem a bit unseasonable. I guess I could put up a new one.