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Thursday, September 06, 2007


They're arranging the pieces of the collapsed 35W bridge on the banks of the river by campus; this is the view from the Washington Avenue pedestrian bridge:

This morning Melissa and I ran our six miles at 7:00, so that I could be to class by 9:45. We had run six at about 7:00 last night, too, and even though I'd gotten in a lot of good sleeping in between the runs, and had made a valiant effort to do a lot of eating, too, I spent most of today thoroughly exhausted.

The approximately 13 I ran on Monday was the longest run I'd done since the half marathon in May, which is pretty woeful, considering that the TCM is in just a few short weeks on October 7. Mostly by accident, my training for this marathon has been pretty different from what I've done for the other two I've run. I haven't done as many long runs, but I have been doing longer "short" runs during the week, mostly 6-milers. I'm hoping they'll form the solid base that will enable me to run the TCM without dying.

It is also my plan to do long runs on the weekends I do have left. My calendar tells me I'm supposed to peak, with a 20-mile run, on the 16th. We'll see about that.

The good news is that the 20-miler is not, in fact, the following weekend, as I had worried; tonight I purchased a ticket to visit Ellen that weekend, for the Pygmalion Music Festival. I think she actually knows many of the band playing; I, being a complete square, really only know Andrew Bird. That is enough for me.

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