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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have a Friday Favorite today, Tuesday, because last Friday I was busy allegorizing and next Friday I'll be starting my exams.


Anyway, I have discovered that I really like e.l.f. nail polish. I've been using white and nude all summer to do French manicures, and am consistently impressed with how fast they dry, how smooth and shiny they are, and how long they last. Granted, I've been approximating living a life of luxury with sitting around reading all day, but the polish has also held up to swimming and doing dishes, among other things, even without a top coat. This picture was taken three days after application (one coat of white, two of nude, and no top coat), and the polish is hardly chipped. The best part? Each bottle is only $1. At first I thought the white was too transparent and runny to work for French manicures, but it quickly proved itself effective, and the brush provides excellent control.

Tomorrow morning I fly back to Minneapolis; see you there!

1 comment:

Yes Is A World said...

those bottles are adorable. if i see them in a store i will have to buy them!