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Sunday, July 27, 2008


So today I got a message from that said,

We originally made these buttons for MoveOn members, but now we've ordered enough extra that you can share them with all your friends, too. Feel free to forward this email to anyone you think might want a free Obama button.

If together we can give out a million buttons, people are going to start seeing them everywhere they go.

And the more that people see these buttons, the more they'll get the message that Barack Obama is the candidate with the buzz, momentum, excitement--and sincere support of regular folks across the country.
So, if you want a free* Obama button, click here! (You can also get a free* bumper sticker.)

*Meaning actually, totally, free. Even shipping is free.


I Hope So said...

i'm still waiting for my 100 not-quite-free obama stickers from move on.

of course, i still don't know what to do with all those stickers...

strovska said...

i really like the style of the buttons. i'm wondering if the style is harking back to the 60s on purpose, or if that was just coincidence....

CëRïSë said...

Oh man, Mandy, you're still waiting for yours? I feel like you ordered those forever ago. I think I had offered to take a few, but now I (theoretically) have one of my own coming! I'll still help you move yours if you want, though--I'd take them to the grad office.

And Rachel, I like the retro style, too. Maybe its aesthetic is designed to evoke a time when people (especially young ones) cared more about politics? I don't know.

David said...

Not entirely free. You have to provide contact information and I've already gotten my first spam e-mail.

But hey, it's as free as you can expect anything to be these days, and it is a cool looking button. Thanks for the tip.

Ashley said...

Oooo, thanks Ceri!

I just ordered mine and if I get spam I'll just let Gmail take care of it for me.

The other day I saw a pregnant woman wearing a cute shirt that read, "If I were 18 I'd vote for Obama". I found it quite fabulous after realizing that it referred to the bulge in her tummy and not to her (which would have been a weird slam on Obama and his supporters, something about only young, inexperienced people supporting him or something).

Anyway, I'll wear my button proudly and hope to convert more Obama support (in or out of the womb) :)