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Thursday, May 15, 2008


So Alert Readers have raised some good questions recently, and since I should be working on my last paper of the semester (I have two pages!), I thought I'd go ahead and respond here.

1. What does marathon running have to do with toenail loss?
I probably blog more about my toenails than I ought to, but I guess I've never exactly explained what happens. So if you run long distances, one of the potential side effects is what they call black toenails, or runner's toenails. Well-fitting shoes can help prevent this (make sure you have a thumb-width of room in the toe box!), but some people just seem to be prone to subungual hematomas, which is the technical term for what happens when you develop a bruise under a nail. The swelling causes pressure, and sometimes the nail loosens and comes off. It's a bummer... but they do grow back.

2. What is a facial like?
I've had two now, with the same girl at the beauty college, so I can only speak from very limited experience. Mine were quite long--about an hour and 15 minutes--and I lay on my back the whole time, wrapped up in sheets and a blanket. Basically, it felt like a series of substances being applied to and then removed from my face, with a close inspection under a bright light after the initial cleansing. At one point, she applied a masque and put me under a steamer while she massaged my arms and hands. After that, the masque came off and she used an electrotherapy wand to dilate my pores before performing extractions. That hurt a LOT! Then there was another substance and more electrotherapy to re-constrict the pores and kill bacteria. She applied more substances, and finished up with some sort of pressure point massage. Other than the extractions, it was really quite pleasant; as with the massage, I felt very cared for. I did break out a little bit in the next day or two, but the spots seemed to dry up and heal very quickly. I would do these weekly if I could afford the time and money.

3. What is an iron pour?
Remember when I did this at Bowling Green? This was pretty much the same thing, only inside instead of outside, and thus much smokier! Students make molds they want to cast, and then they're all lined up and filled with molten iron (the molds, not the students...). It's very exciting; there's just something about glowing liquid metal, and the accidental sparks and spills, that I find completely irresistible.

I think that's it for the questions, but please remind me if I've missed anything. Or, you know, submit more questions. For a year in college, I actually wrote an advice column for the school paper. I like answering other people's questions.

Here are my post-pedicure toes, which are pretty happy. She seems to have rounded the corners of the nails, though, which seems like trouble. I hope it doesn't prove to be so.


Curly Sue said...

Thanks, Ceri. That cleared up a lot, although maybe I shouldn't have asked the toenail question.

strovska said...

yes, i'm glad i know the answer too. maybe the fear of subungual hematoma will keep me from buying too-small running shoes when i finally decide to take up running.

i love the idea of the iron pour!

Larissa said...

You wrote an advice column? That is so cool!!! I am going to ask you all sorts of random questions now... I like your pretty toes.

Heather said...

I remember the first time I got a pedicure--you took me the morning of my wedding. It was fun, but as I recall, they like to poke your toe cuticles with sharp little sticks. I've been thinking about getting a facial done. After reading your description, I think I'll have to try one. Sounds like fun.

K L said...

I think feet are wicked keen. All those tendons and veins and delicate little bones. They carry the entire weight of the human body and almost single handedly resist gravity for hours each day. All hail feet! People should take loving care of those pods. Well done for doing so Ceri.

Yes Is A World said...

Love that color polish! and thanks for the answers!

I Hope So said...

i want to do an iron pour! how do i find this activity? the facial sounded delightful until the painful extractions part. subungual hemotomas are just one of many reasons why i don't fun. but the biggest reason is that i'm lazy.

your toes are lovely.