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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Apparently the new Indiana Jones film opens at 12:01 tonight. Anybody up for it in Seattle? 'Mind picking me up at the airport? If you don't have my number, I'm sure a friend or a friend of a friend does. Otherwise, I'll just be sleeping at Sea-Tac, anyway.

Because, yes, I'm heading on my great adventures! Right now!


K L said...

Let's see...5 hours over 2 hour movie...5 hours back. Sorry, even Indy isn't that awesome. Have fun on your adventure!

Hardboiled said...

I have class early in the a.m., otherwise I would be up for it! How long are you going to be sleeping in Sea-Tac? If you want to make a trek to the North (Lynnwood), we'd be happy to have you! (Although I don't know if you'll get this before you need a place to sleep!)

Curly Sue said...

I'll be seeing it when I get back from my Swiss adventure. I don't know, though. I mean, it's one thing to find H. Ford all sexy and everything when he's 40, but when he's, like, 70? I just don't know.

Larissa said...

I wish I was there.... I would've taken you up on your offer.