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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Random ones, from the camera phone.

The iron pour, 4/18:

A note (and its modification) from the TA office, 4/21:

I am a hypermetacognitive bleeding heart liberal greenie, 4/22:

The park in front of the MIA on the day I left for Seattle, 4/30:

Waiting for Joel's ferry to come in, 5/1:

Oopsie thinks he's a puppy, 5/1:


Curly Sue said...

Iron pour???

Secret word: yameugo!

Yes Is A World said...

I second that - can you explain an iron pour?

K L said...

Thanks for the ongoing peek into the world of cerise. You've got an inspiring mix of topics and compositions there; so much so that I might try you call it.

Larissa said...

Oopsie is a really cute name. I might steal it in the future.... Don't worry, not for my human children.. :]

The Churches said...

Okay, I want to know who is familiar enough with the word "tarse" to use it to reconstruct such a notable line! I consider that pretty quick wit!