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Monday, May 12, 2008


  • Hi again, Internets.
  • It's been a while. I've been uninspired/too busy/not busy enough, apparently.
  • But I just got done with my last class of the semester, of my last semester of classes.
  • And this morning I turned in my paper for the seminar that had the conference. This was not the paper I presented at the conference; this was an additional short project proposal. Mine was 10 pages long.
  • I went to school to print it off and turn it in, and then I went to Grandma's with friends for lunch to celebrate.
  • I had forgotten that I had class at 6:00, and hadn't come to school prepared with work to fill the time, so I went home. Where I managed not to work. Although I did bake cookies for class.
  • I have one more short paper to write and my students' finals to grade.
  • I'm also still trying to write that review of a friend's show.
  • Last night a couple of friends and I saw The Bank Job. I like heist movies, and this one was okay. I think we ended up giving it a collective 7.5.
  • The last time I'd been at the Riverview with Ed was when the bridge fell down.
  • The last movie I'd seen in a theater was Atonement (and was disappointed).
  • I had a facial a week ago Tuesday.
  • The aesthetician told me I needed to include more fat in my diet, so I've been taking flax seed oil. And truffles, when the opportunity presents itself (like at lunch today).
  • We're going for pedicures on Thursday morning.
  • I haven't had a professional one in a year. When I ran the marathon in October, I lost several toenails, and they've all finally grown in enough that I can show my feet to a professional.
  • One week from tomorrow, I fly to Seattle. And then to Hawaii.
  • My brother-in-law will be working at Pearl Harbor, and my sister and I are going for a couple of weeks (they scored a sweet companion fare flight for me).
  • I told her I'll have to be reading for my exams while we're lying on the beach; I think she may ply me with frosty drinks and see how long I last.
  • After this semester, that sounds pretty good to me.


I Hope So said...

oh, ceri. how i miss your presence in the blogosphere. hope your trip to hawaii is just what you need to recover from a grueling semester. so... when do you make it back to socal? :)

strovska said...

bullet points!

i'm curious about the connection between losing toenails and running in a marathon, but i'm not sure i want to know; i don't need another reason to put off exercising.

Curly Sue said...

I was wondering the same thing, Strovska. With the same reservations.

You had a facial, eh? What was that like? How do you choose where/what/who? Living in upstate NY has made my skin into the driest it's ever been. I can't understand it, unless it might be the shift from the swamp of central Illinois. Hmmm...

Yes Is A World said...

Sounds like your life is just peachy!