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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hello from Honolulu! My brother-in-law has high-speed Internet, so here I am. And here are some camera phone pictures of The Adventure so far:

(Tuesday, I sleep in this awesome bathroom lounge on the mezzanine floor of Sea-Tac; Wednesday we eat at the Cheesecake Factory; Friday we see birds and fishes and monsters; Saturday early I take these pictures from the apartment balcony before we head for snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.)


Ern said...

Fun! Enjoy the rest of your vacation. :)

K L said...

Some place tropical sounds delicious. I hope you sleep far too much, eat just enough, and take in oodles of interesting experiences.

I Hope So said...

lucky, lucky girl :)

Kendra said...

hawaii?? i am so incredibly jealous!! enjoy yourself!!

Heather said...

Are you still in Hawaii? or are you home, with Obama, in Minnesota?