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Friday, April 25, 2008


Today was the second day of a conference that had been the focus of one of my (three) seminars this semester, and which had been hanging over and terrifying me and most of the students in my department since January. The eleven students in the seminar were divided into groups to work with five well-known scholars/authors/artists to produce 90-minute sessions for the conference.

The conference was about globalism, and my group's panel was about travel, circulation, appropriation, and agency of images in Atlantic worlds. I presented a 15-minute paper on Angelina Jolie as an agent of Empire. In front of famous people. See why I was terrified?

The conference (and even my paper!) actually went quite well; I was even able to enjoy most of it, despite the fact that my panel was the very last of the conference.

I think it was also the first time I've been hugged by someone with his own Wikipedia entry.

Now, with the rest of the semester, I just have to write two more short papers and grade another 150--as well as write a review of a friend's show and attend that 10-year reunion. And then, hard as it is to believe, I will be done with the coursework for my degree.


Ern said...

Wow, you have a lot to celebrate this weekend!

Curly Sue said...

Well done, Ceri! You deserve a break. But that's not how academia works, is it? Anyway, congratulations on finishing the conference and with (almost) finishing your coursework. Do you have to take your prelims/quals now? Or did you already do that?

turqois said...

Huzzah! Good for you. If you're halfway to your doctoral degree, you can have people start calling you "doc." :)