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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today I took the light rail to the Mall of America, because I wanted to pick up some makeup at Sephora that I was too late to order online and still have for my upcoming trip. I started physically trembling as soon as I walked in the door, and had to keep reminding myself the entire time I was inside the mall to relax my shoulders and face. This was only the third time I'd been there, although I have, oddly, had dreams about it--which compounded my discomfort. This is why I much prefer shopping online.

I will agree to take you to the M.O.A. if you come visit me in Minneapolis, but you may need to keep reminding me to breathe.

Unfortunately, that, running a few other errands, reading the cyberpunk novel a friend gave me a few weeks ago (it's really picking up!), making soft pretzels, doing dishes, scrubbing my bathroom floor, and playing with my new makeup is about all I've been able to accomplish today. I'd like to claim that I'm still decompressing from the conference, but I think it's mostly just depression. It didn't help that it snowed here today--not enough to stick at all (like yesterday), but disheartening nonetheless.

There is good news, though: Tuesday I have a facial, and Wednesday evening after my last class, I once again hop a flight Left--and word on the street is that it hit 70 in Seattle this weekend!

*(Ow, my agoraphobia!)


Hathor said...

Maybe we'll have to brave Mall of America when I come to visit. I've never been there. I hope the weather is sunny and beautiful for you next weekend and that spring comes to MN soon. We're headed east . . . into the cold, winterish weather of Indiana and Michigan. Blech.

Curly Sue said...

Ooh, the mall terrifies me, even when it's not the size of Rhode Island. I grind my teeth while I'm there.

strovska said...

i bet the m.o.a. is even scarier than a regular mall. is the proportion of scary teenagers more or less the same?

CëRïSë said...

Heather, for you, I would brave it again!

I do think the M.O.A.'s probably scarier than a regular mall, although I haven't been to one of those in years. It's just bigger, and has the weird indoor theme park. And there were definitely plenty of scary teenagers!

Yes Is A World said...

Yikes. I do not think I would like the MOA.

K L said...

I would wither and die in the mall except that it has delicious Orange Julius. Mmmm. Those can help with mall asphixia, a known medical condition.

Kendra said...

aoohhhhlalaaaa... MOA! my luvs MOA! funny tidbit for you... I went a little crazy in the sephora at MOA two different times dropping WAY WAY WAY too much money! my sephora wish list is a little out of hand right now!

Curly Sue said...

I had a friend who played drums in the band that plays live at Camp Snoopy at MOA, btw.

He said it was a pretty weird experience.