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Monday, April 28, 2008


This morning, as the professor, my fellow TA, and I stepped out of the lecture hall, I looked out the glass doors onto the sidewalk and gasped. In the pale, overcast light, it appeared white and gritty, and for a few terrifying seconds, I was convinced it was covered in snow. I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized it wasn't, and we laughed over my momentary trauma. The professor, who shares my distaste for winter, expressed it perfectly: "CëRï just had a California heart attack."


The Churches said...

Poor Ceri! You are so traumatized. When you are done with school you will probably never want to see snow again!

Side note: My friends have a little girl named Saree (said like Ceri), niether of which I have ever heard besides you two. They sometimes call her Nade and when I asked why, my friend said, "You know- like Serenade..." I said,"Who is Sarah Nade?"
She laughed at me and explained better, but anyway, I thought it was a cute corruption of your name.

Curly Sue said...

Ah ha ha ha! A California heart attack. I can sympathize with that moment that your heart stops when you think it's gotten cloudy all of a sudden. Then you realize it's the tinting on the library windows.

Ern said...

That's hilarious!

A few days ago they showed the high and low for the country on the news. Just a map of the whole US with two numbers on it. One right near me, the other right near you. At least it didn't snow there again!