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Friday, February 01, 2008

"Should we talk about the weather? (Oy, oy)..."

I shot this video Sunday, the first of our two-day thaw, on which we hit 37 degrees. Monday's high was 43; by Tuesday, the low was 13 below zero. What looks like static is falling water droplets:

When I got up Wednesday, the air temperature was -15, and the windchill was 37 below. So, even though my balaclava had arrived Tuesday, I drove my car. I did take one friend to school with me, and took three of them home, so I felt less guilty. It was too cold even for my car, though, really; it was dreadfully sluggish and Wednesday night, as we were heading home, threatened not even to start. Happily it did, but never exactly got very warm.

Tomorrow's predicted high is 22, though--great weather for waiting in line to see Obama!


David said...

I'll just have to quit complaining about this winter weather. We've hardly had any days that didn't get above freezing.

I'm jealous that you get to see Obama. The benefit of not living in the sticks... the candidates actually visit you.

Cerise said...

There are definitely some things I really like about living in a large city; I even took the bus directly to see him!