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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Barack Obama

I am not feeling preachy or passionate,* so I will just say that I have decided to caucus for Obama on Tuesday.

I was impressed by what he said Saturday (although I'm also aware that the fact that I waited outside the Target Center for two hours and inside it for another two before hearing him speak for 25 minutes may have colored that impression), especially when he addressed his perceived lack of experience and the claim that he should have waited to run for president. He said those naysayers thought he needed "seasoning" and to "stew in Washington longer," until they'd "boiled all the hope out of him." He said he'd gotten flack for being a "hopemonger"; I think it's pretty exciting that he is.

This New York Times Caucus Blog entry, which showed up in my headlines this morning, reinforced my choice. The title is "Clinton Lays Out Differences with Obama," which made me curious. It turns out that this is her "laying out differences":

“We cannot afford to elect someone, as we did with George Bush, and then be somewhat surprised by the decisions that are made and the directions that he leads the country,” Mrs. Clinton said. “The best way to avoid that is to have a candidate who will tell you what she will do, and then is held accountable for doing it once she’s in office. That’s the way I like to run my campaign, and that’s the kind of president I’ll be.”
There, apparently, you have it. I'll be voting for Obama.

* Though I am feeling rather proud of myself for removing my toe clips and installing PowerGrips just now.


Curly Sue said...

It's so cool that you got to hear him speak. For several reasons, some of which I share with you, I'm planning to vote for him too.

I Hope So said...

that's awesome, ceri.

and your asterisk made me laugh out loud. i have no idea what toe clips and power grips are. but i know that YOU are funny.

utenzi said...

I actually think Clinton would be more effective in office but since she alienates too many voters, I support Obama. Anybody that can keep a Republican out of the oval office is wonderful in my book!

Daniel said...

I'll be caucusing for Obama on Saturday.

Hathor said...

In 2004, we went to a Kerry rally in Tacoma and Garrison Keillor opened for him. I think Keillor was a more entertaining speaker. Being part of a rally is invigorating and uplifting.